Garold Andersen,
Manager and meister brewer. Responsible for most of the java brewed at Sophia’s.
l.k.f. (little known fact):  a pirate at heart. enjoys marauding in clogs.

Lori Andersen Quality control and delivery. This lady is the first to taste a cup of our weekly java.  She ensures the quality of the java before sending it on to our customers.
l.k.f.: the last person to see Elvis alive.

Monika Avakian,
Designer and assoc. mgr. This online café has been created and decorated by M. She is also the hard working manager of our German branch.
l.k.f.:  before coming to work at Café Sophia she was the queen of a band of Norwegian gypsies.

Tomás Stanek,
Dedicated mixer for our Czech java.



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