Who is Sophia?
Sophia is our inspiration.  Though she was not actually born in Greece, she acquired the name, Sophia, while living there.  Though she is quite old, (Socrates was her student), she’s young at heart.  We are thrilled to work together with her on this project.  Of Sophia, King Solomon wrote:

If you search for her as one seeks a hidden treasure, you will discover the knowledge of God.  She is more precious than jewels and her paths are full of peace.  She is the tree of life to those who embrace her.

What is a virtual Internet café?
You might say it’s the flip side of an Internet café.  An Internet café is where you might go to connect to the Internet while enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee.  Café Sophia is a place you go through the Internet to enjoy a cup of spiritual java.

Each week we create short meditations that are based on wisdom from the Bible.  We attempt to blend the familiar and the exotic – the old with the new.  These short meditations, or weekly cups, can be read online or … to have our weekly cups delivered to your computer click here: